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Keep in mind that this new aspect of the site is brand new. There are few members, and few ads. But I encourage you to sign up, why? This site already has over 250 visitors per day who are looking for information on used telescopes, and that should increase dramatically as the new classifieds section becomes known.

When you sign up you get a $10 credit toward ads which, if you go simple will buy you 20 ads. You also get a $2 credit for each additional person who signs up and credits you as their referrer. The only charges are $0.50 per ad, or $1.00 for a Featured ad, or $2.00 for a Photo Featured ad. You can add a bold heading, colored background, or attention getting widget for free. There is no signup fee and there will never be a request for donations. You get to upload one photo with each ad with a maximum of 180k bytes.

As it states when you sign up, ads will be reviewed. Please show repect for yourself and others by what you post. Those who post anything objectionable for the general public will be banned from future posts (usually after a warning.) Enjoy!

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